Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The group had an amazingly smooth journey to Delhi. Comfortable and newer planes, good food and service. Arrived in the early morning and got to the hotel after 10 a.m. Now the trick is to keep awake for awhile. The hotel is quite lovely and comfortable--with excellent service. We will gather for dinner very early, about 5 pm and then take an early night. We start in the morning at 8:30. For those who are following the daily itinerary, we are switching the Friday and Saturday sites.

I will not be blogging every day--wifi is relatively expensive. And I have not been successful downloading any photographs--tried to do that in LAX and just now. The internet is just too slow. Luckily I am with students who may be able to help with that. But for now imagine a happy group shot with a pile of luggage at LAX!

Texting too has been somewhat unpredictable--it worked at the Delhi airport this am, but not at the hotel. So for parents who might have been expecting to hear more, fret not--we are simply in a very different technological landscape.  Namaste

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