Friday, January 18, 2013


How strange that the internet has been the best in the smallest place--and it is free. This was the one place I was told not to expect the ability to communicate.

There is a joyous harmony in Bodh Gaya. There are very few Indians beyond the locals. And there are few tourists, either. It is a place that is full of chanting and incense, prayer flags and prayer wheels. You can get all kinds of prayer beads, singing bowls and Buddhas, as well as hundreds of little road side shops selling everything from suitcases, kitchen ware, hardware, and clothing. The girls are buying so many wonderful scarves and tops and pants. I think that they keep buying in order to avoid doing their laundry!

I am not yet tired of Indian food. Except for one meal when I had a bit of chicken, I have been completely and happily vegetarian. Even the students with the most restrictive diets have managed well.

SIgning off for this evening. So happy that I could finally send along some pictures!

Namaste, Nancy

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