Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last morning

SItting with some of the students this morning talking about the status of women in India. We have experienced annoyance as women from the west with our privilege and the shelter of very nice hotels. We have met up with Chapman grad, Sarah Fiske-Phillips who is studying here in Varanasi and hearing her stories have helped us process our experiences.

Last night we had our final dinner all together. We talked about some of the meaningful moments of this trip and how we imagine that that trip will influence us into the future. It will be good to gather again in a few months, after we have had time to consider all that we have seen and experienced.

I will add some final pictures. The first is the Shiva Temple on the campus of Benares Hindu University (where Sarah is studying).
The second is a typical street scene. A few cars, rickshaws and bikes, motorcycles, hand carts and pedestrians--all competing for space on the streets. I didn't see one accident in 15 days--a miracle!

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