Friday, January 11, 2013

Greetings from Delhi. We are having a wonderful and interesting trip. The sights have been beautiful, the group harmonious, and the food is spectacular. Tonight nine of us literally feasted at a hole in the wall restaurant just steps from our hotel--the total bill, including tip was $18.00. Very different from the hotel where meals have been $10-25. Tomorrow is our last full day in Delhi. Then we head for Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. We will have the same guide the whole time. He is nice enough, but we had to rein him in quite a bit letting him know that we had brought our professor! The bus is basic but quite comfortable--I look forward to leaving the city and seeing some of the countryside.

Several memorable events--meeting a snake charmer up close and personal for two of the students--Peri and Hanna. A tour of the Swaminarayan Temple (finished 2005) that felt more like Disneyland than Hinduism (google it). Our favorite place so far was the Sikh temple; a thrilling rickshaw ride.

I hope every time that I can add pictures. Will try again now, but I have little hope that it will work. The internet is just too slow. Thanks for sending us good energy!

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