Friday, January 18, 2013

The day in Bodh Gaya has been thrilling. Buddhists from so many places gather here--Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka. In addition to the main Maha Bodhi temple, each of the Buddhist countries has at least one temple and monastery. .

We learned that we missed the  Dalai Lama by one week. He was here to address a huge Buddhist conclave.

We are much more rural now. Outside of the pilgrims, the town is about 20,000 people. Very fertile agricultural area. We walked through vegetable farms this afternoon as we visited two sites important to the life of the Buddha. All the lovely vegetables we have been eating--onions, potatoes, cabbage, okra, spinich, peas--were growing. We also saw people threshing rice that has dried.

The conversation about home is starting. We are all getting pretty the end of the day.

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